PhD Workshop

Workshop leaders:

Alexandra Leonzini (ISHA Berlin)
Mario Filipov (ISHA Sоfia)

This workshop is designed for PhD students and Masters students who are considering undertaking a PhD in the near future. Participants will present and discuss their research topics (or parts thereof) in 20 minutes with an emphasis on sources and methodologies, as well as any questions which may have arisen during the research process. After each presentation there will be a 15 minutes question and answer session which all participants are expected to take part in. As such, abstracts will be required in advance. Participants are encouraged to use this opportunity to practice conference presentation etiquette. The PhD workshop will be based on the “work in progress” principle and offer the chance for participants to get feedback and critique from their colleagues from different countries and in fields of History about their on-going research. Participants will not only be able to present and discuss their work, but also to share their experiences of Phd life to a sympathetic audience.