ISHA Autumn Seminar 2017


Between the 11th and the 17th of September Sofia and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; hosted the 2017 ISHA Autumn Seminar on the topic of “Money in History”. Over 50 participants from all over Europe, as well as Russia and the United States took part in it. The seminar’s academic program consisted of 7 workshops, related to the main topic: Currency, The “hidden” factor, Informal economy, Trade and trade routes, Economic systems and theory, Entrepreneurship in history and a PhD Workshop.
Special guest of the Opening ceremony was Dean of the History Department Prof. Popnedelev, whо congratulated the participants. The opening lecture was on topic “Money in Modern History”. The program included also a round – table discussion “The two faces of money – cult and religion through socialism in the Balkans” with a guest – moderator Dr. Berov. The seminar finished with final conclusions from each of the workshops. In addition, there was also a cultural and entertainment program, featuring traditional Bulgarian dancing and a day – trip to Plovdiv.

The topic we have chosen is quite relevant, in addition to providing a wide range of available questions to discuss for participants with diverse academic backgrounds. Money and economy have always shaped history, from the earliest barter economies in the so called Fertile crescent region to today’s global financial system.

You can see the full gallery from the seminar on our facebook page.