Informal economy

Workshop leaders:

Dániel Molnár (ISHA Budapest, PhD student, Eötvös Loránd University)
Donika Tzanovska (ISHA Sofia, BA, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”)

Shadow economy, grey economy – or black market, smugglers, tax avoiders and other phenomenon of economy are almost as old as „economy” itself. It has many ways, effects, and aspects: sometimes citizens try to make their own business, or are needed due to the circumstances to be part of it. In other cases, these are part of rivalisating, or war, to weaken rival companies or countries.

This workshop will try to find out, how „informal economy” effects economy and society.  What circumstances make it „better” and why used to shrink? What social, political and economical circumstances can make it stronger or eradicate it? Apply to this workshop to find it out, through various topics in time and space, like from the smuggling of the first silkworms through the classic mafia-families and activities, until nowadays „sharing economy” like Airbnb and Uber, which also regarded „informal” by some government and experts.  We are waiting for topics regarding all kind of informal/parallel/shadow etc. economy or economical activities, from the last ten thousand years of humanity. Together we will try to find answers fort the following questions:

  • Where the informal economy begins?
  • What social and economical factors make it flourishing?
  • Are governments always hostile against it? Why?
  • How the public, the wider society deals with it?
  • Can it be a supplement or even replacement of the “formal” economy?
  • Can be points where informal and formal economy meets?
  • Emerge of Bitcoin and other “alternative” currencies and their place in the economy.