Workshop leaders:

Bianca Vassileva (ISHA Sofia, PhD student, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”)
Yordana Nikolova (ISHA Sofia, MA, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”)

The main goal of this workshop will be to examine the use of currency as a historical source, observing currency beyond its purely economic role, for example its use as state propaganda. From the early economies, where commodities like copper or sea-salt were used to barter, through the rise of the early international currencies, such as the byzantine solidus, to the development of today’s digital currencies, each society’s medium of exchange can reveal a great deal of information about them. Relations between historians, archaeologists and numismatists tend to be a bit contradictory, especially when it comes to issue of the historical vs. the typological approach. We will be very interested in hearing and discussing different points of view when it comes to the use of currency as a source, as well as some multidisciplinary approaches.

For the first round, we would like to invite each participant to present an example of their local currency and tell us a few words about it. It can be anything, ranging from iconographic peculiarities to anecdotes, or economic specifics. The second and third round of the workshop will be dedicated to individual presentations. Participants are required to give a 15 minute-long presentation on the subject, followed by a short discussion. During the final round we will summarize the main issues, which were encountered and prepare our final conclusions from the workshop. We have also planned some practical activities, related to the topic, for the final day.